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  1. “Myths & Folktales: Selections from the 2nd International Miyuki Delica Challenge”
  2. "Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece" by Gail Callahan
  3. Crystal & Bead Wrap Bracelet Class
  4. Tapestry Sampler Class
  5. The Lily Doll Pocket Pinafore Dress Instructional .PDF
  6. The Lily Doll Bear Instructional .PDF
  7. The Lily Doll Instructional .PDF
  8. The Lily Doll Party Dress Instructional .PDF
  9. The Lily Doll Tutu and Shrug Instructional .PDF
  10. The Lily Doll Pixel People Instructional .PDF
  11. The Lily Doll Pixel Pets Instructional .PDF