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The No Warp-Ends Kit

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The No Warp-Ends Kit eliminates the need to weave-in warp ends when bead weaving. It can only be used without the shedding device. It is perfect for use with any kind of warp material including wire. Set up with the No Warp-Ends Kit is very easy and once you have it in place, you can weave as many pieces as you want (as long as they are the same size) using the same set-up. 

Kit Includes: Two stainless steel metal bars, three yards of Texsolv cord, S-hooks (see number of S-hooks for each kit below) and instructions .

S-hooks Included for Each Loom Size:
For the 8" Lani Loom: 20 S-hooks. With these you can make a piece 19 warps (18 beads) across.
For the 12" Little Guy Loom: 30 S-hooks. With these you can make a piece 29 warps (28 beads) across.
For the 16" Big Sister Loom: 40 S-hooks. With these you can make a piece 39 warps (38 beads) across.

Extra S-hooks can be purchased here.

Note: You can purchase the 16" No Warp-Ends Kit for the 19", 22″, 28″, 32″ and 38" Looms, but you will need to purchase additional cord. You will also need additional cord for looms with loom extenders.

See a video on weaving with the No Warp-Ends Kit here.