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Spencer Power Treadle (2024 Model)

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This is the re-designed Spencer Power Treadle with a smart switch.

The treadle has been completely redesigned for ease of use, especially for extended use by professional weavers. Instead of two pedals it now has one that operates both shed positions. The pedal switch is smaller and can be used by hand on a table or by foot on the ground. 

The treadle is controlled by a programmable device (micro controller) that can be also be programed for a wide variety of special needs. The motor operates on a higher voltage making it stronger but also moves more slowly, giving you finer control of positioning, which is especially useful if you want to park the treadle in neutral shed.

The new power treadle operates on any AC line voltage world world wide and can also be operated on 12 volts DC and therefore can operate from a car or camper DC power supply or even a 12 volt solar panel. Please consult us for help if you want to use alternate power supplies or if you have any other special needs. 

This treadle is the first (that we know of) electric treadle for a portable tapestry loom. You can easily change the shed (for tapestry weaving primarily) by pressing down on a pedal that will electronically change the shed without having to use your hands. Easy, fast and perfect for tapestry weaving!


You can download instructions, troubleshooting information and safety warnings for the power treadle here

The treadle is designed to be used with wooden clips, not the old plastic ones.  If you do not have these clips on your loom, you will want to purchase a set of those in addition to the treadle. You can find those here

If you will be using your treadle with any loom with an extended shed (any loom with Shed Extenders, including the 48" Lily Loom), we recommend purchasing this Treadle + Shed Extender Block

This version of the treadle will work internationally (regardless of voltage), but you will need an adapter for the cord outside of the U.S.