Why a Mirrix: Five Weeks - Five Reasons

For the next five weeks, each Friday we will be posting a new blog post and/or video focusing on one reason #whyamirrix should be your next loom. 


We hope these posts will help those of you who do not own one decide if a Mirrix is right for you and will teach those of you who do a little bit more about your looms! 

If you have a reason why you chose a Mirrix that you'd like to share, post to Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook with the hashtag #whyamirrix. 

Here's the post schedule (we'll announce the topic day-of and post links here):

January 25th: Warp Tension 
February 1st: Shedding Device 
February 8th: Variable Sett 
February 15th: Accessories
February 22nd: Continuous Warping