Spencer Power Treadle: Update By Debbie Bednarek

I’ve been working with the Spencer Power Treadle for the better part of this year. It’s installed on my largest Mirrix freeing the others up for more short term projects. However, more than once I’ve moved my foot around feeling for that pedal while I’m on another loom. Initially I didn’t think I needed this accessory but am finding I really love it. It easily became an automatic part of the weaving process for me.

All of us involved in creating regardless of the media have subject some part of our body to stress and strain along the way. The more we create and get older, the more this type of strain builds up in our body. Weavers usually have aches in the shoulder, elbow or wrist. If a person is careful and smart, he or she can usually work through it without it becoming dehabilitating. The Spencer treadle is a great tool to really help a weaver out in this area. Think about this; how many times do you reach up for your handle to change sheds while weaving in an hour or even half an hour? This doesn’t seem like a big deal until you start hurting. A weaver friend of mine retired A few years ago and joyfully wove several hours a day. Last month she had to have her shoulder replaced and is cautiously approaching future weaving. Now, her case may be extreme. However, weaving without reaching up for that handle every row is painless and the Spencer treadle can help you out. The more you can help your body out, the longer you can enjoy weaving.

The holidays are approaching and sometimes families don’t know what gift to give a weaver. Perhaps you could suggest a Spencer treadle? It’ll help you to weave faster and be able to spend more of your precious weaving time on weaving. It can also help you feel better physically and help your extend your creative hours no matter how old you are. Whether it’s a suggested gift for you or a gift go yourself, seriously think about this benefit from pushing a pedal instead or reaching for a handle.