Introducing The Mirrix Looms x Rebecca Mezoff Loom Package

Beginning any new art form can be difficult. Where do you start? What supplies and materials do you need? There are many wonderful teachers, books and classes out there if you're looking to learn how to weave tapestry, but tapestry teacher extraordinaire Rebecca Mezoff's online (and in-person) classes stand out among the best. 

Here at Mirrix we are often asked which looms and supplies would be best for her classes, and she is often asked the same, so we partnered with Rebecca to come up with a loom package carefully designed with her students in mind.

Today, we are very excited to announce the Mirrix Looms x Rebecca Mezoff loom package.This is Mirrix's very first loom package collaboration!

It will include:

-Your choice of a 16” Big Sister Loom or 22" Zach Loom 
-Two 8 dent warp coils and two 10 dent warp coils
-A shedding device and handle
-Two wooden clips
-A warping bar
-A flat wrench
-An Allen wrench 
-A coil bar
-A Bottom Spring Kit
-A roll of heddles (100)
-A cone of 12/6 Cotton Seine Twine 

You can learn more about and order the package here!

Haven't come across Rebecca's classes yet? Check them out here!