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Mirrix Looms 2017/2018 Brand Ambassadors

Mirrix Looms 2017/2018 Brand Ambassadors

We are excited to finally announce Mirrix's 2017/2018 Brand Ambassadors: Rachel Hine, Annerys Alba and Amber Kokenge.

These ladies will be posting on their Instagram accounts over the next year about their experiences with their new Mirrix looms. 

Click here learn more about each new ambassador, and don't forget to follow them on Instagram.


We hope you're as excited to follow along on their Mirrix journeys as we are!

Rachel Hine 
Follow her at rachelhine_art

In 1994 Rachel began a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University majoring in Tapestry Weaving.

Rachel works at her studio most days, and has the attitude of turning up even if she doesn't want to. On the days that she isn't weaving, she'll be drawing and painting.

With young, school-aged children, Rachel likes to be on hand, and at present doesn't have a "day job". She does take studio time seriously, and is always working on a new body of work for exhibition.

In her practise, Rachel is keen to try different ways of weaving, on different looms. This opportunity to use a Mirrix loom should be a great experience. Figuring out how to warp looms differently is an ongoing "tapestry nerd" obsession.

The works featured are from an exhibition Rachel had in May at Boom Gallery, Geelong, Australia called "make my own people". These girls are part of a series of work about portraiture and fashion...and of course tapestry itself.

rachel hine

rachel hine

 Annerys Alba
 Follow her at thewovencraft

annerys alba

My name is Annerys Alba, and I am the woman behind Woven Craft. I am a self-taught weaver and woodworker living in New Jersey. I offer a selection of hand woven tapestries and handcrafted weaving tools. Each item is carefully crafted by me from beginning to end with quality and care in mind using carefully sourced materials. 

I started weaving after the loss of my mom in 2014, as a form of therapy. It was a way of keeping her memory alive, since she loves the craft, and to cope with the pain of her lost. Weaving still continues to help me to this day, especially after the loss of my dad later the same year. I describe my creative process as organic and freestyle. I tend not sketch my weaving projects, because I usually never stick to the drawing. As a result of this, each item I create is unique. I strive to create high-quality items that I could feel proud of. 

Woven Craft is a venture that I have been working on for a few years now, where I am looking to combine both of my passions – weaving and woodworking. In the future, I am seeking to expand the selection of hand-woven goods to more than tapestries.

annerys albaannerys alba

Amber Kokenge
Follow her at texturizeyoureyes


I have always had a love for fiber and textiles. Learning to weave quickly turned into an obsession to learn everything I could. Weaving has pushed me to explore new techniques with fiber and texture that I had steered away from before. I draw my inspiration from the endless beauty found in Nature and its textures, with the intention of my work being a reflection of this. From landscapes to vibrant hues my work is to connect nature and you.