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Mirrix Holiday Gift Ideas: A Bookmark

Mirrix Holiday Gift Ideas: A Bookmark

If you're like me, you're just realizing that it's the end of October and your holiday gift list is LONG. One quick, easy and fun gift is a woven bookmark. You can make the tapestry as simple or complex as you'd like and finish it either with a backing or simply by trimming the weft ends, sewing down the header and making fringe with the leftover warp on the other side. This was woven with four strands of Array at 10 epi. Super easy, super cute and a super sweet gift!


-A Mirrix Loom. This piece can be made on any Mirrix Loom. I made mine on a 12" Little Guy Loom with or without a shedding device. If you use a shedding device, you will need heddles. We used a ten dent warp coil but a similar piece could be woven at 8 epi.
-A good pair of scissors. We are obsessed with these
-A measuring tape like this one

-Three or four colors of Array wool. We recommend the following for a piece similar to this one:
*Flamingo 2 
*Tangerine 2 
*Ocean 2 
*Daffodil 2 

-Seine Twine warp. We sell this on bobbins, perfect for warping for small weavings. 

-A sewing needle and thread for sewing down the header or backing the piece with fabric. 

-A few tapestry bobbins (These handmade ones are gorgeous and the perfect size for a small piece)
-A tapestry needle
-Fabric for backing