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Free Loom Consultation Chat

Free Loom Consultation Chat

Thinking about a Mirrix, but not sure if it's the right loom for you? Trying to decide which size to get? Don't know where to start with weaving beads or tapestry? Have a specific Mirrix-related question? 

Beginning tomorrow (April 4th) I (Elena Zuyok) will be offering FREE one-on-one chat time via Facebook Messenger on certain dates and times through April 18th. Each time block will be 20 minutes and I will do my best to answer all your questions within that time period. If this trial goes well, we will continue to offer these chat sessions and expand the times offered. 

What You Need To Do:
-First, make sure you have a Facebook account. Chats will be done through Facebook Messenger. (We may eventually expand this to other chat services. We realize not everyone has Facebook, but right now this is the easiest/best platform to offer this service.) 

-Schedule a 20-minute time slot to chat by clicking this button:

Online scheduling

Click "Schedule Now" > Click "Add to Visit" under "free loom consultation" > Select "Elena Zuyok" as provider > Choose date and time  > Click "Book my Visit"

-Prepare a list of questions/concerns for the chat
-At the scheduled time, click here to begin your chat.