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The Joshua Bracelet Loom Starter Package

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Harken back to the 80s with this fun, neon chevron pattern. It’s simple, but bold, and much easier to wear than that bright green unitard you have in the back of your closet. Instead of a clasp, the beaded piece is finished on a brass cuff lined with ultra suede. The cuff can be adjusted to fit most wrist sizes.

Originally, the piece was designed for a live beading party with the wonderful Sara Oehler from SoftFlex Company. (You can find the live beading party recording here.) Not long after the party, Sara’s husband Joshua was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. With her permission, we decided to make this project into a kit and a fundraiser for Sara and her family during this incredibly difficult time. $10 from the sale of each kit will go directly to Sara and her family.

Updates on Joshua’s condition and a link to the family’s direct GoFundMe can be found here.

This project is part of our Flying Start Tutorial Series.

This starter package includes:
A Joshua Bracelet Kit that includes:
 -2 grams each of 11/0 Delica beads in 4 different neon colors
 -5 grams of 11/0 black Delica beads
 -2 grams of 11/0 black seed beads
 -10 feet of Soft Flex Wire
-1 bobbin of beading thread
-1 piece of ultra suede
-A 3/4" resizable brass cuff
-1 tube of E6000 glue
-A 13-page digital instructional .PDF (sent at time of shipment)
-A bead pattern for this project (included in PDF)

-Either a 5" or an 8" Chloe Loom that includes:
One top and one bottom beam, three sett combs (14, 16 and 18 DPI) one threaded rod for an 8" weaving length, two wing-nuts, two double washers, one hex nut, one regular washer one cap nut, one plastic cap, written instructions, two small wrenches for tightening the loom.

-A Tulip beading needle

-A Flexwire sewing needle 

What else you need to begin:
-A good pair of scissors
-A measuring tape
-A bead mat