TierraCast Button Collection

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In this package you will receive 11 buttons in various shapes, sizes and designs. The buttons have one of two finishes: gold plate or silver plate. The buttons are all made of cadmium and lead-free pewter.

There are five large round buttons: 17 mm diameter, two with holes and three with loops on the back (the loop and holes are is 2.25 mm).
There are three oval buttons: 17.5 mm by 14 mm with a 2.5 mm holes.
There are three small buttons: 12 mm with loops on the back with a 2.5 mm hole

TierraCast is an American company that manufactures lead-free pewter buttons and charms.  It was started in 1980. What we love most abut this company (besides the wonderful product) is that they use best practices to safely and environmentally make their lovely buttons and charms. The person who started the company is an expert in toxic metals and was determined that his product would be lead-free. Their designs make us smile and they keep coming up with new ones and we will keep selling them.