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The Shasta Comb Loom Package

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This loom package (which comes in four loom sizes) is perfect for beginner fiber/tapestry looking for a loom that is easy to warp and easy to use but versatile enough to grow with for years to come. 

This loom comes with a basic Mirrix Loom frame in one of three sizes and a set of Shasta Combs for easy warping. Other accessories like warp coils and a shedding device can be purchased separately with this package or in the future so you can warp and weave using other methods. 

-A choice of an 8" Lani Loom, 12" Little Guy Loom16" Big Sister Loom. or 22" Zach Loom. (Just the frame and with no shedding device.) 
-A set of Shasta Combs
-A flat wrench

What Can Be Added On:
For Continuous Warping:
-Warp coils 
-A warping bar
-Wooden clips (if you are also adding a shedding device, skip this and purchase a shedding device with clips) 

For Using the Shedding Device:
-Shedding device (with clips) 
-A warping bar

For Any-Sett Warping With the Shasta Combs:
-A Bottom Spring Kit (plus, warp coils) 

Click here to learn about what you need to get started weaving.

Click here for instructions on warping using the Shasta Combs

*Newer combs may arrive with a plastic protective coating on them.
Simply peel this off before use.*