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The Prism Tapestry Kit (Weave-Along 32)

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This kit is designed for Mirrix's 32nd Weave-Along, the Prism Tapestry (which will take place in February 2022.). You will receive a link to sign up for the weave-along inside of the weave-along kit. A kit or loom package with the included weave-along will make a great gift! 

Please note that we expect these kits to go quickly. We are making them as fast as possible and will keep reordering supplies as needed, but we recommend ordering ASAP, especially if you are ordering one as a gift. Please be patient as we work to make and get these out as we do expect delays. You can email with any questions. 

This gorgeous small weaving project is a tapestry made with white and hand-painted silk and Array wool by Gist Yarn. It was designed by Claudia Chase who will be hosting the weave-along that goes along with this loom starter package in early 2022. This package  is perfect for anyone looking for a fun, colorful guided project to make on a brand new Mirrix loom. It makes a wonderful gift! 

What is a weave-along?

A weave-along is an online course focusing on a specific project. Every Sunday for the length of the weave-along participants will get an email with links to instructions for the week ahead that might include downloadable .PDFs, online written content and/or videos. This is not a live event, but does take place over a specific time frame so participants are all working on the same part of the project at generally the same time. Weave-along participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage with other members of the weave-along via email and social media.

What skills will you learn in this weave-along?
-How to warp a Mirrix loom 
-The following tapestry techniques:
     -Weaving in opposite directions (meet and separate) 
     -Eccentric wefts
     -Weft blending
-Finishing a tapestry wall-hanging

You can learn more about Weave-Along 32 here.

Kit includes:

  • 14 bobbins of twelve yards each of Array yarn
  • 3 bobbins of twelve yards each of white mulberry silk
  • 3 bobbins of twelve yards each of hand-painted silk yarn
  • One bamboo needle
  • One stainless steel needle
  • Seine twine warp (40 yards if you're using a Saffron Pocket Loom, 8" Lani Loom, 12" Little Guy Loom or 16" Big Sister Loom or 100 yards if you're using a larger Mirrix. Choose your option from the drop-down menu.)

What else you need to begin: 
-A Mirrix Loom (any Mirrix Loom except the 5” Mini Mirrix will work)
If you need a loom you can purchase The Prism Tapestry Loom Starter Package here. 
-Basics like a good pair of scissors and a measuring tape

What else do you need to begin: 
-A good pair of scissors and a measuring tape 
-Heddles can be purchased separately if you plan to use the shedding device on a loom that has one (optional for this project). We will be demonstrating weaving on a loom without the shedding device on it.