Eccentric Wefts Eyeglass Case

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Click here to download the instructions for this project in ebook form.

Kit Includes
-16 bobbins of Colonial Persian yarn (8 yards each). Eight colors, two of each color.
-Three 12-yard bobbins of hand-painted silk (random colors)
-A piece of cotton velveteen for lining

What do I need with this kit?
-A 12″ Loom or larger with a shedding device
–Warp, like our Brown Sheep Wool Warp
Heddles (at least 50, these can be made or bought)

Plus basics like a good pair of scissors (we love these), measuring tape, sewing thread and a sewing needle.

Level: Beginner and up

This kit comes with enough supplies to make one eyeglass case with plenty of leftover wool.