The Sandy Stand for The Saffron Pocket Loom

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Since the Saffron Pocket Loom launched, we've been hearing from customers who want a stand for this little loom. It was tricky to design the perfect stand -attractive, simple to use, stable - but we've finally done it! This stand can be used to hold the Saffron Loom while weaving or to hold/display the loom and your work when you are not weaving. The loom can be easily removed from the stand.

The stand comes with: 
-Two wooden blocks with holes and grooves
-A length of threaded rod
-Three hex nuts (two thick, one thin)

-Two cap nuts
-A rectangle of clear, hard plastic with a hole (This part gets secured to the loom and flips out to go under the threaded rod on the stand.) 
-Two small squares of wood with a sticker backing (To make the stand fit tighter if desired/needed.) 

Find Sandy Sand Set-Up Instructions Here