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No Warps To Weave In Bracelet Kit

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We call this bracelet "golden times" because of the rich blend of gold iris beads and other colors that bring to the imagination moments before sunset.

A whole new world of weaving opened up when we made our first No Warps to Weave in Bracelet. Using the No Warp-Ends Kit you'll only have two bracelet ends to finish, making this a fun and easy project that's perfect for beginners.

Your piece will be just as perfect as the ones you see in the picture. These bracelets are fascinating to look at and fun to wear. Make one for yourself and one for a friend.

Fast, easy and fun to make. Keep one and give the other away!

Kit includes:
-Enough size 8/0 permanent finish galvanized beads and magatamas to complete TWO bracelets
-A 30-foot spool of Metallics Soft Flex fine beading wire
-A bobbin of C-Lon beading thread

What do I need with this kit? An 8″ Lani Loom, 12″ Little Guy Loom or 16″ Big Sister Loom and a No Warp Ends Kit. You’ll also need a beading needle.

Level: Beginner and up

This kit comes with enough supplies to make two bracelets.

Email us after purchase to get instructions for this project in ebook form.