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Navajo Weaving Today

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by Nancy N. Schiffer

The tradition of weaving textiles and rugs among the Navajo people in the Southwest is glimpsed in its present form in this new pictorial study. The regional styles long associated with Navajo blankets and rugs continue to evolve today and the sections of this book present the contemporary results through hundreds of beautiful all photographs and text identifying many of the weavers. The new styles of Burntwater, Wide Ruins, Ganado, Crystal, Chinle, Two Grey Hills, Teec Nos Pos, Western Reservation and Shiprock area designs show continuing talent among today's Navajo weavers. There is also a section devoted to special purpose and fancy weavings including saddle blankets, round, double and two-faced weaves and multiples designs. One must conclude that the quality and diversity of Navajo weavings is at a high level today.