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The Extended Shed Loom Package for Tapestry/Rug Weaving

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Mirrix Looms that come with an extended shed will not officially launch until next year, but right now we are offering this wonderful Extended Shed Loom Package at a discount! 

This loom comes standard with an extended shed (1.5") perfect for rug weaving or for anyone looking for a portable tapestry loom with a large shed for bobbins, shuttles or fingers! 

Included in this package
-A loom (choose a 12" Little Guy Loom, 16" Big Sister Loom, 22" Zach Loom, 28" McKinley loom, 32" Joni Loom or 38" Zeus Loom) with:
*An extended shed package (two extended wooden clips with an extended shedding device and shedding device handle)
*A warping bar
*A flat wrench
*An Allen wrench
* A warp coil/spring bar
*Written instructions 
*Four warp coils: 8, 12, 14 and 18 EPI
*100 extended heddles

 If you will be using this loom with a Spencer Power Treadle, we recommend purchasing this Treadle + Shed Extender Block.