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Checkerboard Cuff Bracelet

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You asked for it: brought back from extinction, but in new, more vibrant colors. This lovely Checkerboard Cuff bracelet show pieces 11/0 Delica beads in eight gorgeous permanent finish colors with a background color (which is Claudia's all-time favorite bead color) of metallic green/bronze mixed beads. The edging bead is a lovely rich permanent galvanized 15/0 bead.

Kit includes:
-Nine colors of 11/0 Delica beads (enough to make the bracelet with some leftover)
-One color of 15/0 beads
-A one-inch wide brass cuff
– C-Lon beading thread
-Instructions and a pattern

What do I need with this kit? Any size Mirrix Loom and an 18 dent warp coil. This coil does not come with the 5″ Mini Mirrix, the 8″ Lani Loom without the shedding device or 12″ Little Guy Loom without the shedding device. You’ll also need a beading needle.

Level: Beginner and up

This kit comes with enough supplies to make one bracelet.

Note: This kit no longer comes in a plastic box like picture