Loom, Shasta Combs & Bottom Spring Kit Starter Package

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Our Shasta Combs allow for a very simply alternative way to warp a Mirrix Loom. There are multiple ways to warp using these combs, but the most versatile is by warping with top and bottom warp coils on the loom so you can weave using these combs at any sett. This loom package comes with a Mirrix Loom ready for our regular warping method or any Shasta Comb warping method and an additional four warp coils (for a total of eight.) 

-A choice of an 8" Lani Loom, 12" Little Guy Loom or 16" Big Sister Loom with a shedding device. (Including everything that comes with the loom when purchased individually.)
-A set of Shasta Combs
-A Bottom Spring Kit with four warp coils 

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