Craftsy/Bluepint Complete Course Kit Package

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Mirrix kits made just for your Craftsy/Blueprint course!

This product is specifically for Mirrix’s Craftsy/Blueprint Class: Bead & Tapestry Cuffs

Excited to begin your Tapestry and Bead Cuff Craftsy Course? 

This Complete Course Kit Package comes with materials to make each bracelet taught in the course: The Affinity Bracelet , The Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet and the No Warp-Ends Bracelet. 

This Kit Package Includes:

-12 bobbins of hand-painted silk yarn, twelve yards each
-A 75 yard bobbins of gold thread
-Two 10-gram bags of 11/0 beads
-Two 10-gram bags of 8/0 beads
-10 grams of two-cut beads
-Two brass cuffs
-A tube of glue
-A bobbin of C-Lon Thread
-A bobbin of C-Lon Cord
-A bobbin of SoftFlex Wie
-Railroad Yarn
-A tube of ultra-suede
-Texslov cord
-Paper clips
-Three colors of Delica beads

Also Recommended:

-Bamboo needles
-Flex wire needles
-A beading mat
-A pair of scissors
-A "Craftsy/Bluepint" Mirrix Loom: 12" Little Guy Loom or 16" Big Sister Loom