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Balfour & Co. x Mirrix Looms Rug Weaving Kit and Class Package (Pre-Order)

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This rug weaving package, part of Mirrix's third partnership with Balfour & Co., includes a weaving kit and a brand new online course by Balfour & Co., "Rug Weaving On A Mirrix Loom." The course launches on January 23rd, 2023.

You can learn more about this course and the other two accompanying packages that we have available for pre-order here.

This package will ship mid-January 2023 along with the rest of your order. If there is something you need sooner, please place a separate order. 

Package Includes:
-A Balfour & Co. yarn kit in one of two colorways (Pastel and Bold) that includes six 250g cones of weft yarn. This is an exclusive rug yarn manufactured specially for Balfour & Co.
-1 500g cone of rug warp
-1 wooden stick shuttle
-A comb
-One wooden tapestry bobbin
-A tapestry needle
-The brand new Balfour & Co. Course "Rug Weaving On A Mirrix Loom" (Discounted early bird pricing ends on 12/14,  and the price of this package will go up.) 

Colorways: Pastel, left. Bold, right.