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2021 Affinity Bracelet Kit

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Affinity Bracelets were born out of the desire for an easy, yet versatile, bracelet. The concept came from friendship bracelets we wore as kids: fun, easy and the perfect gift. The Affinity Bracelet is the grown-up version and it can be as simple or as complex as you, the designer, desire.

This is our brand new 2021 Affinity Bracelet Kit! Download our new Affinity Bracelet Ebook for instructions and let your imagination run wild!

-Six 6-yard bobbins of Hand-Painted Silk Ribbon
-Six 12-yard bobbins of Hand-Painted Silk Yarn
-5 grams of Miracle Beads
-10 grams of clay beads
-75-yards of gold thread on a bobbin
-A pewter button
-6 pewter charms: 4 gold-plated pewter and 2 silver-plated pewter

The items in this kit would cost $112 if purchased separately 

What do I need with this kit? A Lani Loom with shedding device or larger (Note: It is possible for this to be made on any loom, with or without a shedding device, but a shedding device is recommended), heddles (these can be purchased or made), a beading needle and a tapestry needle. 

Level: Beginner and up