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C-LON® Bead Thread Color Mixes

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The desire for a better beading thread grew from long frustration with both nymo and silamide. A few years back, tired of hearing complaints from employees and retail customers about thread fraying,snarling, tangling, and breaking, Caravan Beads started to look for a stronger thread that we could offer in a broad range of colors. Eventually they found a thread manufacturer based in the USA. Months of discussion followed with lots of dyed thread samples traveling from the factory to us and back again. More months followed while they waited for all 36 colors to be produced. The result is a vat-dyed thread: which involves high heat and pressure which forces the dye completely through the thread. This process is more expensive but results in a permanent dye which should not rub or wear off. Mirrix only offer one thicknesses of C-Lon. Size D is suitable for use with Delicas, 11/0s, 10/0s, or larger beads and we find it is the perfect size for bead weaving.

Mix One: Browns, Greys, White

Mix Two: Greens & Blues

Mix Three: Pinks, Purples, Reds, Oranges, Yellows