Hand-Painted Silk Yarn (Winter 2020/21) LIMITED STOCK

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Our beautiful silk hand-painted by Mirrix President, Claudia Chase.

This silk yarn is made of 3 plies of 35 Mulberry silk filaments (20-22 denier each) for a total of 105 silk filaments. Lots of natural shine, smoothness, evenness and strength.

Click the drop-down to select a colorway. You will see an image and the price. We will remove colorways as they sell out. Once a colorway sells out, it is gone for good. 

Colorway Two
22 Twelve-Yard Bobbins  

Colorway Six
8 Twelve-Yard Bobbins 

Coloryway Seven      
7 Twelve-Yard Bobbins 

Colorway Eight
7 Twelve-Yard Bobbins